Welcome to Runquan Michael, YU Website Page!

Runquan is a final-year (4th year) undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at the University of Macau. He has been working at the “Affective, Neuroscience, and Decision-making Lab” (AND LAB) led by Haiyan WU in the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Department of Psychology since August 2021. Besides, he is working as a research assistant at Multi-sociocontextual Action and Perception Lab (MAPLAB) directed by Dr. DongWon OH at the National University of Singapore.

He plans to focus on human behavioral and neural responses (EEG, EGI, fMRI) in social scenarios, particularly in individuals with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and multiple personalities. His ultimate goal is to become a researcher and help children and young adults struggling with mental health, especially those in vulnerable communities.

Currently, he is working on several projects including: (1) social navigation domains and fMRI scanning, (2) dealing with EEG data from aging Chinese individuals (microstate) to discuss cognitive deficiency, and (3) investigating psychometric quantitative data analysis about anxious individuals’ social interactions.

Email: SC02303@um.edu.mo; Michael.runquan.yu@connect.um.edu.mo; e1119091@u.nus.edu
Phone: (65) 83858001; (853) 62743018
WeChat: 1471709954